Monday, August 28, 2017

Mid-term Evaluation in Mollina the 8th to 12th of May

We went two volunteers and one monitor from Santiago to the Intermediate Evaluation of May (8-12) in Mollina. We arrived Monday by bus from Malaga, Mollina is 1.5 hour from Málaga it is a small and very quiet city. We stayed at the facility CEULAJ who is looks like to a holiday center.

When we arrived everyone had a badge with his/her name, center and city on a paper of colors each color correspond to a group. We were divided in 4 groups.

This training was shorter than the first one from Tuesday until Thursday.
Monday we made some break-ice games and we learned to know people for our group.
Every day we had activities from 9.00 a.m. until 7.30 p.m. with a lot of breaks for eat.

Tuesday night it was the Noche Culturcreativa where as a tradition we all had to present our autonomous community in Spain. But each group needed to represent it by a different way a song, a dance, a documentary …. Each group blow a toy balloon and they was a paper inside with the way how you need to represent your community.
Wednesday afternoon we were to Granada buy bus it was nice even the bad weather but too short we did not have a lot of time to stay in Granada.

Thursday night it was our last night of the training, some volunteers organize a party for celebrate the end of the evaluation.

This formation was better than the first one because we were less in the group so it was easier to talk, it was less intense and they were a lot of food even sometimes the topics were the same.
It was not only a formation for the volunteers but also for the monitors, the first days they stay a part they had their own activities and after they were divided in our groups and we made the activities together.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Noche Intercultural" the 12th of May by Tatiana volunteer in Os Tillos

Well, to begin with I would like to say thank you to Don Bosco for organizing so amazing events! However, it was awesome also because of the creativity of the volunteers. 
So, we had 5 countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Ukraine.
 And we started in this alphabetic order J Josipa organized an interesting game for the memory, where we also learnt some things about her country – Austria. 
 The second country was Denmark – and there we had a quiz. Amanda prepared exciting questions, and we all competed to know who knows about Denmark more. It was interesting, funny and creative at the same time. I even took the notes about the program she used to do it, because its really cool. 
 Then, we want to see the presentation of Germany! It was hilarious! We had an amazing dance! Chelly told us the translation of this German cool song and we enjoyed dancing! It was easy to understand from everyone’s face that they really did like it! 

And so, after this we went to see my presentation of Ukraine. I told everyone about holidays in Ukraine, something that are different from other countries. 
 Finally, we went downstairs to try different cuisines! And here it is hard to write about everything, because I will just repeat a few words – “ tastyyyy and delicious!” I don’t remember all the names of meal, but I do remember it was very good! 

So, to sum up, I would like to say thanks to everyone for that evening! It was great experience and fun at the same time.


"Mañanas de Semana Santa" 10th to 12th and 17th of April by Lucas ( who was with the group of the old)


Today during the morning we did the presentation of the animators and we divided in 3 groups: old, middle and young. The older painted some tattoos and talked while the others playing.


Today we prepared the activities of the day. We divided in 3 groups another time, the old started the script of a movie. It was a very good day, later we played with the small and middle.


Today we did the preparation of our day, after we divided in groups and the smaller ant the middle were playing while the older was doing the leather bracelet and we finished the script of the movie.


Today we prepared the day and we divided in 3 groups, the small and middle had a big game in the centre and the old had made some creation “the sticks of rain” and after we decorate the sticks with our the creations while the others were decorating plates.



Friday, March 17, 2017

Carnival Party 1st of March

    On the 1st of March it was Santiago’s carnival and of course the “ludotequa” took part in the parade to represent Don Bosco’s center. 

   This year the theme was “Don Bosc's Jungle”. We had lots of different animals: Sheep, owls, cows, dogs, chicken, penguin and parrot. 

We took a van and we stuck a banner on it with a message showing respect to fauna and flora.

   We were lucky as we had good weather. 

   At the parade, we played with the kids with a big balloon and they liked playing with us very much.
The parade began at the train station and finished in Alameda’s park.

Carnival Camp 27th-28th February to the 1st March

    For three days we organised Carnival Camp in Don Bosco

We divided the children into three groups: the youngest (from 4 – 8 years old) the older kids (from 8 – 12 years old) and the oldest (12 years +). We organised different activities, games, handcraft activities and tales.

    On the first day we painted up the children to look like princesses, superheroes, butterflies, and cats and played some games: el pañuelito …

    On the second day the kids learned how to prepare crêpes/filloas and of course we then ate them.

    At the end of the camp we brought all the children together and played more games. Afterwards, as an evaluation, we asked them about what they thought of this camp and whether or not they liked the activities.